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Greening MIT

Join us in an exciting new interactive opportunity—keeping current with Technology Review through the new digital edition! With a new web-based publishing platform, TR Digital replicates the entire print magazine plus adds video, information graphics, and live links throughout the pages.

Advantages of Technology Review Digital include:
  • Faster—Receive the digital edition ahead of regular print issue arrival.
  • Greener—Save the planet some trees and energy.
  • More Information—TR Digital has videos, info graphics, and many live links.
  • Easier—View TR Digital via your Web browser, no extra software needed.
  • Archivable—Store the edition or a feature on your computer.
  • Cooler—Share articles with colleagues or social media sites with just a click.
    —and more!

  • 2 Ways to Switch
    1. Switch via Infinite Connection

    I'd like to switch my print edition to the NEW Digital Edition!


    2. (For those alumni who do not have an Infinite Connection, or have forgotten their Infinite Connection credentials)
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